Icelandic Fish Oil

  • ✔️SUPPORTS HEARTH, SKIN, EYE AND BRAIN HEALTH*- Through the years it has been discovered that omega 3 essential fatty acids in fish oil promote not only the correct functioning of the cardiovascular system but also cognitive, eye, hearth and skin health as you age, it can also accelerate adult’s metabolism.
  • ✔️HELPS CURBING STIFFNESS AND JOINT PAIN* – Omega-3 fatty acids may decrease symptoms of morning stiffness, tender or swollen joints, and joint pain. They can also help increase blood flow during exercise.
  • ✔️PURITY AND POTENCY *- Our fish oil is extracted from wild deep cold water caught fish from the region of Iceland, these kinds of fish are the strongest and the healthiest, making them one of the most potent sources of omega 3 in the world.
  • ✔️EASY TO ABSORB* – We implement the triglyceride form. In comparison with the ethyl ester fish oil, triglycerides have been shown clinically to be easier for the body to absorb and assimilate.
  • ✔️BURPLESS*- Our soft-gels capsules are purified with advanced toxins extraction methods so they come out clean and do not provoke aftertastes or burps!

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Fish oil omega 3 1200 mg burpless and easy to digest quick release soft gels -Premium Dietary Supplement, 360 mg of omega 3 essential fatty acids per soft gel – by Fruits of Nature.

Extracted from wild, deep cold water -caught fish in ICELAND – The oil in this fish is one of the densest and the purest sources of omega 3 that exist on the planet, this allows us to ensure a high concentration of omega-3s essential fatty acids in our product per serving *

Get practical! – In just 3 fast absorption soft gels, Fruits of Nature’s Fish oil omega 3 premium dietary supplement has the right dose of omega 3 fatty acids that will help the body meet its daily requirements of this fat, it can be tough to get enough omega-3s from foods, our soft gels are a practical and easy way to work heart-healthy omega-3’s into anybody’s lifestyle. *

Triglyceride form for best absorption! – Our fish oil delivers its omega-3s in triglyceride form. Different research has shown that this puts less stress on the digestive system than another form that is called ethyl esters form. This is the best way the body can absorb a fish oil soft gel. * And since omega-3s offer a lot of great benefits, why not buy them in the most absorbable way that exists nowadays?

No burps or aftertaste! – This problem is very common in a lot of fish oil omega 3 supplements; our careful extraction process utilizes non-chemical or damaging heat techniques, and our soft gel is made only with ICELANDIC FISH OIL, gelatin, water and medical grade glycerin.